In April of 2013, I decided to quit my corporate job of 4 years.

I was unhappy, I had no life outside of my job and I stopped riding BMX. After quitting, I spent a lot of time reacquainting myself with my bike, I had forgotten how much I loved riding.

In late June of 2013, I found myself watching a friend race and the rest was life changing.

In a span of 3 months, I've collected 4 trophies, 3 plaques, 5 ribbons and a sponsor! Quitting my dead end corporate job and getting into racing was the best decision in my entire life. I am so much happier these days, now that I've found a new passion -I guess in some ways an old passion rekindled. I knew I always liked going fast, so I tried mountain biking, but I hated the rocks and logs. There's nothing more beautiful to me, than a nicely manicured track to ride on. Since then I've accomplished a lot, provincial champ, national champ and top 40 in the world! The last one doesn't have much of a ring to it, but it's ok.

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