Why Bombshell Sportswear wasn't for me

Saturday, November 25, 2017

I'm sure you've seen these leggings before, super sexy, thigh high sock leggings. I saw them in action recently at my gym, couldn't help but look over a couple of times because of how hot they looked. So naturally I got myself a pair, and roughly $100 later (after shipping and the exchanged rate) I got them in the mail.

I bought myself a pair of large, High-Waist Thigh Highs in grey and black. I always buy high waisted leggings because I like support around my midsection, and large has always been the size that suited me best. The website described the leggings as amazingly soft, second skin fabric that moves with your body, and designed for workouts, yoga and everyday wear. Also, no muffin top. For me, they were only partially correct.

So I get the leggings in the mail, I open up the package and the first thing I did was cut the string tag - my first mistake. I held the leggings up and felt disappointment with how cheap they felt, I had a feeling that these weren't going to work out. Putting them on, I definitely didn't have a muffin top, but there was muffin... bottom? The waist band went perfectly around my waist, I also appreciated how high they pulled up, but because the grey part of the fabric is so thin, it didn't offer any kind of support around my midsection. I personally like tummy control with my leggings and these didn't offer that. To their credit, they also didn't say it was a feature.

They claimed that these were designed for working out, I guess that's true to a certain degree. As someone who squats and bends when working out, I wouldn't wear these at the gym. As you can see below, my underwear is popping through - and I'm not even bending. That said, I'm demoting these to upper body workout days, or when I'm wearing a long shirt or oversized hoodie. The last thing I want is to expose a camel.. you know, which was pretty easy with these.

If you don't like them, why don't you just return them? I can't - remember I cut the string tag? The description on the website said "All Bombshell Sportswear items must be returned unworn, unwashed, with original tags, stickers, folded .." etc etc. Maybe I'm just being difficult, but they should say "attached or uncut tags" because I technically still have all the tags and stickers around. Story short, I was denied a refund.

I truly wanted to like these leggings, but they were not designed for girls like me. I do feel like, you have to be pretty chiseled already to pull these off - or have lean abs. I'll give these another chance when I lose another 20-30 pounds, we'll see if I still feel the same then. In the mean time, in addition to having buyers remorse, I would have rather spent the equivalence on 5 pairs of Walmart leggings. Again, it just wasn't for me, but I hope it doesn't deter you from trying them out - just don't cut the tags and do some research first!

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