Powerdot Smart Muscle Stimulator

Monday, March 12, 2018

As an athlete, getting a massage is one of the things I look forward to the most, but the cost of getting one is increasing each year, booking an appointment with your favourite person isn't always the easiest, and tipping is the worst. If you were a paid professional athlete, access to a masseuse is easier, but you're not and neither am I. So what's the alternative? Have you heard of a NMES unit? Are you thinking Dr. Ho? close... but let me introduce you to PowerDot, and the reasons why I like it so much.

First, what is a NMES unit? It stands for NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation. NMES targets the muscle itself, creating muscle contractions to recruit more muscle fibers when training; warming up or recovering. Of course this is what I know, but for more information speak to a specialist.

PowerDot is controlled through your phone via Bluetooth, providing that you have something like an iphone that can support the app. I love that the pod is rechargeable through a USB cord, and the simple, easy to understand interface makes this an intuitive product to use.

I bought myself the Uno package ($249.00), which came with 1 pre-charged pod, 4 sets of electrode pads, 1 set of lead cables, 1 micro USB charging cable and a carrying case. The Duo package was an option, but if you don't mind working on one body part at a time, then save money by getting the Uno.

Using PowerDot is very simple. I start by turning the pod on, and connecting it to my phone. I'll choose a program, and then select the body part I want to work on. The app is fool proof! After choosing the body part I want to work on, the app will show me where to place the reusable sticky pads. Some adjustment is often required, but once I level up and see contractions, that means the placement is good. Most units will start engaging at level 1-4, with PowerDot you can safely build up - With fresh pads I typically have to be around level 15-20 for contractions to start. As the pads wear out, you may have to level higher.

The only downside to PowerDot is the reusable pads will eventually wear out, but this is a problem found across all NMES and TENS units. To their credit though, I've had the most usage out of their pads compared to any others I've tried out there. The lifespan of the pads will depend on how much oil there is on your skin as well, so do yourself a favour and give yourself a wipe down.

As a cyclist and powerlifter, I use Powerdot mostly to warm up my legs before a workout, and to cool down with a massage.  When I'm experiencing muscle pain (often along my sciatic nerve), I use PowerDot for a few minutes to ease and get rid of the pain - even though it's not officially intended for that, it does help.  It's helped me cut down the cost of massages and AAA batteries - not to mention the weird looks I get when I buy batteries. As someone who travels so much as well, the convenience of the durable carrying case makes it really easy to toss PowerDot in my luggage without having to worry about the wires getting knotted or lost. As mentioned before, speak to your doctor first, but my review here is based on personal experiences.

Check them out at PowerDot.com and they've also provided me a discount code just for my readers. Take advantage of 25% off with BEATRICE25

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