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Sunday, November 27, 2016
Genuine Health recently sent me a spread of their products to try, and I'm really excited to share this review with you. Fermented protein is today's topic, and Genuine Health is the first complete protein of it's kind, available in both powder and bar form. There's honestly too many great things about fermented food so I really suggest you do your own research, but in this review we're going to talk about the things that matter to us folks who aren't scientist: flavour, mouth feel (Brooklyn 99 reference) and some other random facts. Make sure you read until the end for a big giveaway!

Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins+
If you're looking for a light flavoured protein, I highly recommend this protein in natural vanilla, especially if you're looking for something with just a hint of flavour. If you're someone who likes to add other ingredients, this would be a good choice because the vanilla isn't overpowering. You know those yoghurt covered candies? This smells just like it. The powder is very fine and easy to mix.

Bloat Free
A lot of protein powders in the market are made in a way that makes us bloat, but Genuine Health found a way to make their protein powders not only prevent bloating, but also improve gut health. I am actually lactose intolerant, so my options are super limited, but I'm happy to say I can add one more brand to my list. Genuine Health is also a company that cares about their sources, in fact the dairy used in this protein are from grass-fed California cows, raised without hormones, antibiotics and GMO's.

Sugar Substitute
Both protein powders reviewed today use Lo Han Guo, or also known as Monk Fruit Extract. Monk Fruit is common in Southeast Asia, in fact I remember seeing them everywhere when I was in Vietnam. Monk Fruit has been used to treat colds and stomach digestion for centuries, and the extract can be 150-200 times sweeter than sugar, but with none of the calories.

Fermented Vegan Proteins+
Just like the Greek Yoghurt protein, if you're looking for something that will take the backseat for taste, consider getting this vegan (pea based) powder in natural chocolate. This was my first time trying vegan protein and I was really happy to find there was nothing funky about the taste! The chocolate is very mild but add some other ingredients like cinnamon and you have yourself a party.

Just because it's vegan doesn't mean an increase of carbs or decrease in protein! 1 serving delivers only 5g of carbs and an amazing 20g of protein! Just like the Greek Yoghurt Protein+ the powder is very fine and easily mixes! I'm definitely a fan of this.

Protein+ Bars

I genuinely love each of these bars and I really can't choose a favorite! Each bar has about 12-16 grams of protein, depending on which one you choose, and below are just some things that stood out for me.

Dark Chocolate Almond - Super chocolate and nutty. I liked the little specs of salt crystals.
Cherry Almond Vanilla - Crispy, yoghurt covered, smells like cherry ice cream!
Blueberry Cashew- Reminds me of a dense oatmeal cookie, crunchy cashews and big chucks of dehydrated blue berries.
Lemon Coconut - Smells and tastes like lemon cake, has dehydrated coconut flakes in and outside which adds a great texture to the bar.

Everything here tasted so naturally great! If you're looking for a supplement that's natural and clean, give Genuine Health a visit and learn more about what they offer!


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  1. I really love Quest and Cellucor protein powders. They give me a milkshake-like protein shake, a healthy treat!