Butcher and The Vegan

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Butcher and The Vegan has been on my radar for a while, but I had a hard time dragging my boyfriend along because of his anti-hipster antics - but to be fair, hating hipsters is a hipster thing to do right? lol I've been dying to go for a while now because of the rave reviews from friends, and mostly because I always wanted to know what a full on vegan meal would be like, not to say they didn't have meat dishes too. The boyfriend ordered the Wagyu beef burger, but this review will be based on what I had, which was primarily vegan.

To start, we ordered based on what was recommend by our server, who was just hands down amazing and friendly. The perfectly named, Barton Sunrise Beet Fries were really good. Fried gold and red beets, tossed in Kona Lime Salt.  It came with a side of mustard-tarragon vegan aioli, that was a little unnecessary because the fries were perfect on their own.

Fried Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts get a bad rap sometimes, but they are actually delicious and filling if done right. These sprouts were fried and tossed in ghost pepper sauce - it was easily my favourite dish of the night. The only thing I didn't like was the "paprika & cilantro vegan aioli" which I swear tasted like the mustard-tarragon vegan aioli. I think we're just people of habit and a dish doesn't feel complete if there isn't a sauce right?

King Oyster Mushroom Pizza
For the main dish, I wish I went with the Truffle Mac, but no, I had to go with the King Oyster Mushroom Pizza. I mean, how can you say no to something that has "king" in the description. The pesto was not strong which is actually perfect because there was a lot of it, but it was essentially a flatbread with a little too much flour on the bottom. It was OK, but it belongs under appetizer, not entree.

Vegan Apple Crumble
Last but not least, we topped off the night with sweets. I had the apple crumble to myself, which was good for a vegan dessert. We ended up combining this crumble with their cornmeal donuts. I think they could actually make that into one dessert if they wanted to, like a donuts base, topped with the cooked apple, cinnamon and oats.  Give me a call if you do this haha. Good dessert.

Butcher and the Vegan is a cozy little restaurant located on the corner of Barton East and John St. North. Lots of open and free parking located in the back of the restaurant and reservations are recommend since seating is limited. Atmosphere is dim with romantic lighting.

Although I wasn't overall impressed on my first visit, I am going to go back one of these days and try their other dishes. The Croque Monsieur is apparently insane, so that will definitely be on my next order. Overall, not a cheap place to eat, it worked out to be $60 for two, with our groupon deal, upgrades and drinks, but when you factor in their farm to table and ethical sources, the price make sense. The service was great and attentive, we loved our guy.  Butcher and the Vegan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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