Sapsucker Maple Water

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hey guys! Let me tell you about a product that I am loving from the 2016 Toronto Life Best New Restaurant event called Sapsucker! It's water that taste phenomenal, and it's probably going to be the only naturally sourced water worth the 25 calories per 250ml. I remember being really little, and going on one of those maple tours where we got to try maple water straight from the trees. Well, you can relive this memory now, by heading to your local Whole Foods, and picking up a carton of Sapsucker. This stuff is like drinking straight from the tree (well, actually it kinda is), but cleaner and definitely no bark haha. Maple water is actually pack full of electrolytes, so I'm looking forward to using this as a supplement to my training during race season.

I had a really nice and educating conversation with Charlene, the Co-Founder of Sapsucker. The water is locally sourced from Ontario maple trees. Nothing is drilled, or disturbed, they are really big on leaving a very small carbon footprint in every aspect of their product, including the packaging. I personally loved how honest she was about the product, when I asked about a "competitor" in the states called DRINKmaple. She explained to me, "It's the exact same product, the difference is where it's sourced from" as Drinkmaple is the American equivalence, and is sourced in Vermont. Final Thoughts Apparently there are people who actually don't like things that are maple flavoured... if you're one of them, you should still try this since it's natural, sometimes that does make a difference. Clear water with a touch of maple sweetness, I personally love it, and I hope you enjoyed this review.

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