Quest Protein Chips Review (Sour Cream & Onion)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Oh Em Gee guys, I cannot believe this product exists! I love food, and especially revamped comfort food like the Quest Protein Chips. My awesome friend and co-worker Penny, brought in a bag just for me - which I think is super nice considering she had to buy them online, and at a pretty expensive price compared to regular chips. Right off the bat I was warned, "the first chip does taste like protein powder, but it gets better" and she was right. The first bite was like eating a slightly stale baked protein powder chip with a light coating of sour cream & onion - like the popcorn shaker stuff . The first bite wasn't the greatest, but as you keep going it get's better and all the sudden the bags done.

I think the key QUESTion is, would I buy this in real life? The answer would be yes - if I was rich. The price bracket isn't the greatest and they aren't easily found, but if I did have money to spend... or chips were my vice, for sure I would rather spend money on these. Does it taste good? yeah, I mean... you can't beat a dirty bag of chips from Lays for taste, but considering the nutritional value and 21g of protein, I rather cheat clean with this if I can. There was one thing I realized though, if I owned a whole box of these, no way in hell would I waste a bag by making recipes, like mash potatoes or jalapeno poppers - I rather not taint the holiness and purity of these chips... also if you can't cook that would just be a waste.

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