Macarons by Fareeza

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A few days ago, I decided to cave and open up a new Instagram account to post my food photos. Long story short, Instagram has changed and it's very difficult to make your images searchable now. For whatever reason, Instagram has limited my new account, so please show me some love by following me here! The one thing that's good about Instagram is that it has connected me to a lot of smaller restauranteurs and business owners, including Macarons by Fareeza.
Cookies & Creme - PSL - Double Chocolate

I contacted Fareeza after falling in love with her page, and decided to order a dozen of her assorted macarons to try and review. I'm not saying this to be nice, or to even be biased - because I'm not, but these were the best macarons that I've ever had. Each one was perfectly made, none of the cookies were hollow and each one had the perfect chewy texture. Fareeza also did a wonderful job pairing the proper icing to it's cookie too.
Vanilla Rainbow - Green Tea - Sea Salt Caramel
All of her macarons are homemade, and even though she doesn't have a store front, it doesn't mean you can't get your hands on them, just shoot her a message through She typically requires 48 hours, but because she was already on a delivery route, I was able to get these the next day. For a dozen, it came to $21.00 and by the time read this last line, I've already eating them all. Check Fareeza out at and good luck choosing a favorite because I couldn't!
Raspberry Chocolate - Espresso - Earl Grey
For more photos, be sure to follow my Instagram account where I will be posting up food porn on the daily.

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