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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Guys, I need to tell you about Kombucha, this stuff is so good in so many different ways! What's Kombucha you might be asking, well it's a drink, it's fermented tea that is naturally carbonated, and does it taste good? Well if you get it from Live Kombucha it definitely tastes great! Over the weekend, while I was at the Yoga conference in Toronto, I broke my Kombucha cherry and tried it out for the very first time. Honestly, my mind was blown! I couldn't believe, and I still can't believe that it's actually good for you. Kombucha has a ton of health benefits including detoxing, energizing, and even normalizing your metabolism... and it tasted like pop! I'm pretty sure I just got lucky with Live Kombucha. I spoke to a few people about this new discovery, and the few people who've tried other brands of Kombucha complained about the taste. Now of course, they didn't know about Live at the time. Ever since trying Live Kombucha, I've been telling everyone about them, not only for the health benefits or taste, but the fact that they're from Guelph! Bar's in Toronto now, even have this stuff on tap, and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow.

Below are the flavours they offer during the show. For noobies like myself, I suggest buying Orange Oolong and Naked Blend, as the other two might be too strong if you can't handle the heat from ginger or cayenne. Orange Oolong "Refreshing cold pressed organic oranges blended with oolong tea kombucha. The sweet citrus flavour combines perfectly with the earthy blend of oolong tea to leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized." Naked Blend "Our original Kombucha that tastes like a sparkling cider or a white sangria. Our Naked Blend leaves nothing to hide and will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy." Citrus Heat "Our Citrus Heat Kombucha combines the cleansing power of organic cold-pressed lemons and organic cayenne to deliver an amazing flavour that is truly unique." Lemon Ginger "Lemon and ginger blend together in perfect harmony to create a Kombucha with some serious zing! This classic combination of lemon and ginger are blended with green tea Kombucha and organic Tibetan lavender for a unique taste that you’ll love again and again."

So please please please, check out, this is by no means a sponsors post, just a girl who is obsessed with Live Kombucha!

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