Kenzo Ramen

Sunday, September 18, 2016
So I thought to myself, the food here was awesome, I should do a review! So here we are. I have yet to try any of their Ramen dishes, but from what I saw and smell, they had some good stuff. I opted for more of the uncommon dishes that I've never had before, like the Takoyaki dish shown here. Takoyaki are baked octopus balls, filled with octopus (duh), green onion, cheese and shrimp flavouring. It was incredibly delicious, and possibly the best and freshest Takoyaki I've had so far. They had a savoury sauce on top, a mixture of Japanese mayonnaise and some sort of balsamic glaze. The balls were topped up with fish flakes, which freakishly danced from the rising heat. I think this dish is for sure a must if you're brave enough to try Octopus in ball form.
With my Octopus balls, I also ordered Onigiri in every flavour that they had. So in this case you have chicken in the front, salmon and then I believe tuna in the back. Each rice ball was about $3.00, kinda expansive considering they were about palm size, but surprisingly filling. The chicken Onigiri was by far my favourite one, I think it's because they quickly pan fried each side, so it was crisp on the outside and soft inside. Salmon was good as well, but it was just kind of plain, I think I would have enjoyed it if they had also fried it like the chicken one. Lastly the Tuna Onigiri, my least favourite due to it being completely dry, it could have really used something, maybe Japanese mayonnaise could have saved it?Overall the food was great, the Takoyaki and chicken Onigiri will for sure be my staple for the next time I visit Kenzo Ramen. The service was quick and friendly as well, and the vibe is casual. Kenzo Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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