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Sunday, September 25, 2016

When I had moved to Hamilton from Toronto a decade ago, the hardest adjustment was the lack of quality Chinese food in the area, especially Dim Sum. Up until recently, I had to go to Toronto for the real fresh stuff, that's until I found this place. I absolutly love the Dim Sum at Iron Chef, it's freshly made, perfectly portioned, and it's just like the quality items you'd get from Toronto, but with way better service!

I make an effort to come here at least 1-2 times a month, this is my kind of comfort food. Below are my regular go-to dishes, but Iron Chef has over 60 items to choose from, ranging between $3.20 - $7.99 a dish. The items below were under $4.00 a dish each.

Shrimp Dumplings, aka Har Gow
In my opinion, you should always start with Har Gow, it's essentially a steamed shrimp dumpling but it can also give you a preview of what the rest of your meal will be like. To a lot of chefs, Har Gao can be a representative of the quality of the Dim Sum. A good Har Gao, should not be hard, it should soft and easily chewable. Delicate but sturdy enough to hold the filling.

Steamed Pork Buns aka Bao
These steamed pork dumplings have the perfect ratio between meat and fluffy dough. Unlike the other dishes, the pork here isn't minced, their bite size tenderloin cuts that are then marinated with a mixture of honey and hoisin sauce.

Shrimp Stuffed Green Pepper
These stuffed green peppers are not actually on the menu on it's own, you'll have to specifically ask for these as the original dish comes with two other side items. My boyfriend loves these, and the restaurant was very accommodating to make us of a dish of just these shrimp stuffed green peppers, which are perfectly smothered with black bean sauce.

Pan Fried Pork Dumplings
Beef Noodle Rolls
I remember eating these as a kid, and I still order them today! Beef wrapped with thick rice rolls, steamed and then smothered with a sweet soya sauce when brought to table side. This rolls are very delicate so I recommend using a spoon for support.

Steamed Beef Balls
Simple and delicious, these are meatballs but steamed, try it with red vinegar or hot oil. Actually I put hot oil on everything anyways, but the extra condiments add another level to these delicious balls.

Pork Dumplings aka Siu Mai
I personally feel that Siu Mai's are a staple, and if you go to any Dim Sum place, you need to get this particular dish. A lot of shitty half sushi, half dim sum places have these, but unfortunately they are frozen. If you want an upgraded Siu Mai, come here. Siu Mai is a minced pork dish, wrapped with a won ton wrapper, topped with fish roe and steamed.

1116 Upper Sherman Avenue in Hamilton
So if you're in Hamilton and you're looking for an amazing place for Dim Sum, check out Iron Chef! Aside from Dim Sum, their traditional Chinese dishes are amazing too, I recommend getting the phoenix nest, which I hope to do a review on my next visit.

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