Cool Whey Protein Ice Cream

Sunday, September 18, 2016

If you love ice cream, and you want to try something new, then you need to try Cool Whey's protein ice cream. Cool Whey comes in a number of flavours like chocolate (shown above), peanut butter and strawberry & banana, it even comes with a spoon lodged inside the lid. What makes this guy cool is the 23g's of protein provided in 1 container, and the mere 180 calories per serving -that's your average scoop of protein powder, but in a much cuter, preprepared and tastier version. Flavour wise, it's very light but the chocolate flavour is really rich. When comparing prices with other ice creams, of course this is more expansive but it's also not your normal ice cream, it's protein ice cream. Personally, this is not a product I would find the need to purchase again, but it's definitely worth trying at least once and I definitely have to go through all of their flavours. If you're looking to add something new to your nutrition plan that won't mess up your micros, then head over to your local Popeyes Supplement store and look for the blue Cool Whey refrigerator.

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