Coconut Bliss & Nakd

Sunday, September 18, 2016
Who am I? I'm a BMX racer who loves to eat, and especially eat things not commonly found in your average grocery store. I guess I shouldn't say that about these two items below, seeing how I got them at Metro (Common grocery store in Ontario)... but to be fair they were tucked away in the "speciality" area of the store.

I think a part of my soul wants to be vegan, but unfortunately I love my meat and cheese. That being said, I do prefer "alternate" choices to things like milk and ice cream. Ice cream happens to be one of my favourite foods, and as much as I enjoy the traditional dairy based ones, my lactose intolerant body does not. I've tried a few soy based ice creams, but they never did it for me, and then one day I found Coconut Bliss in my frozen aisle.

Metro had one option, Naked Coconut - "sure why not" I thought. I've grown an odd fondness for coconut, even though it used to be the most disgusting flavour on earth, for some reason I love it now. Hands down, this is the best non dairy ice cream I've had so far, and it's vegan to boot! Made with only 5 ingredients, I hardly felt terrible or guilty after finishing the pint. I really enjoyed how creamy and fresh tasting it was, and I'll definitely be a returned customer for sure. It's a clean coconut milky flavour, and the little shavings of dried organic coconut was a great addition too. I highly recommend this product and I hope Metro adds more flavours down the road. Naked Coconut is perfect for Coconut lovers. Check them out here

I also grabbed this little guy while at Metro. Located next to some other popular bars like Clif, I really liked how cute the packaging was. I found the description a little misleading, as I was hoping for some sort of cookie layer or anything cookie related in the bar. I've never been a huge fan of fruit bars, and so unfortunately this one doesn't do it for me either. As much as I make fun of people for it, I too am sensitive to certain textures.

I typically gauge how much I like things by how quickly I finish them, and unfortunately while typing out this review I still have 90% of the bar still on my desk. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't taste bad, as long as you don't mind Dates. I like the fact that there are only two ingredients in this bar, Cashews and Dates... but I personally need a little more from this bar. With that said, I'll finish this sucker tomorrow.

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