Alton Brown Toronto 2015 w/ Meet & Greet Review

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Usually when you hear about people meeting celebrities, it's usually a huge let down. I've discovered that this in fact is true, unless said celebrity is a chef. I've been a fan of Alton Brown since I was little, I followed his career from Good Eats up to Iron Chef America - but you know, eventually the Food Network wasn't a part of the basic cable package anymore. When the opportunity came up for me to meet my childhood hero, I saved up all my nickels and purchased meet and greet tickets to the The Edible Inevitable Tour! Finally the day came, after purchasing my one ticket months in advance.

The show started at 8PM, but all the VIP ticket holders had to arrive early for the meet and greet portion of the show - I was first in line of course. I was really surprised by the type of guests that showed up, there were people from young to old, all in which had one common denominator - we loved Alton Brown. When the time came, we checked in and received a tour lanyard and photo of AB. We were then all escorted to one of the rooms in the Sony Centre, where we waited. While in line I met a 12 year old food blogger, who has been following him since the Good Eats days.

While waiting, one of the cast members from the GE days came out to welcome us. Along with letting us know with what to expect and what to do or not do, he pumped up the crowed and answered some questions while we waited for AB. 

Finally he came out, with his Boom Case on his shoulder and a smile on his face, he greeted the fans that have been waiting to meet him for hours. The meet and greet portion was brief, some saying that it was too quick, but many including myself left satisfied with the brief experience. I got to tell him that I've been watching him since I was a kid, and that made him feel old. He even said I grew up nicely -words that I will remember for the rest of my life LOL. The way he sounded and spoke, was just like when I watched him on GE, it was weird but in the best way. I got my lanyard and photo signed, and a bunch of photos to remember the experience too. So that was it, a very brief encounter but a memorable one to boot.

After the meet and greet, there was still some more waiting to do, but this time it was for the show at 8PM. When the doors finally opened, I walked to my seat which was about 4 rows from the stage. To see the set was really cool, there were kitchen tools on the set, a cutting table and even a big contraption that was covered by a huge tarp. While waiting for 30 minutes, we were entertained by burping and farting sock puppets.. or as known as the yeast puppets from the GE show.

The show consisted of about 2 food experiments (which were freaking amazing), about 2-3 musical performances including a rap number in the beginning of the show and most educationally a couple of food related discussions like, how fish doesn't belong in ice cream. 

I have to say, the musical performances were unexpected and kind of painful, but in the most hilarious, enjoyable way. One of the first food experiments was where he made Ice Cream in under 10 seconds (I think, it was around that number). He pulled up a guest from the audience, and strangely all of the guests that were invited up really made the show that much more enjoyable - either it was planned or Alton just knows how to pick them! The Ice Cream experience aka "Jet Cream" was the reason why there was a splash zone warning for the show - let's just say it snowed chocolate ice cream fakes, and it was delicious.

The second food experiment involved making pizza within 4 minutes, (again, just guessing around that number) with his Easy Bake oven on Crack. He brought up an incredibly smart vegetarian guest...right, vegetarian! Rest assured meat eaters, she was pressured into eating a delicious smelling meat pizza, and yes, she enjoyed it. There was a lot of witty banter back and forth, and this was probably my most favourite part of the night. Both pizza's were cooked to perfection, and the theatre was filled with the smell of freshly baked pizza. Yum!


The show was really fun, well worth the $135.00 and having to go by myself.

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