Chatham's Wolfe Creek.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Very happy and stoked right now. I (and many others) had issues in the gate, and I also had a tumble during qualifying. I quickly picked myself up and managed to qualify for mains. It was definitely one of my top moments of having to really push myself and literally dust myself off.

Thank you coach @sylvahbmx for filming and giving me a game plan. Shoutout to Wolfe Creek for making some awesome new changes to the track. Thank you @charisma_markovic for improving so damn much and for always being so kind and supportive.

Thank you to weight gain for cushioning my fall, don't know if I could have gotten up without you boo. Lastly thank you to @bounce_can @goodlifefitness @cyclepathoakville @pocsports

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