Cranx Road Trip - See ya later!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Well, if you haven't made it out to Cranx by now, it's too late. After nearly six years of serving the Syracuse cycling community, Cranx closed their doors, and U Haul will be taking over the building. This indoor park offered sections for both new and tenured riders, from cross country to BMX, there was something to do for everyone.

Trish, Dezzi and I, decided to take a 2-day last minute trip together from the GTA, to ride the park at least one more time before they closed this past weekend. I was personally itching to ride, I don't have a lot of quality options in my area -especially in the winter, so sometimes that means driving 2-4 hours out for a quality park.

The trip was short and spontaneous, but these are the trips that stories are made of. We met up with some people, slept on the floor, and I even bought some peanut butter to do a review at a later time. It was just a great weekend of riding, and although I'm sad to see the park go, I'm glad to hear that a Cranx 2.0 is coming.

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