2016 Toronto Yoga Show

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Hey! Did you miss the 2016 Yoga Conference at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre? Well, let me fill you in. Let me start by saying, no, you don't need to be super into Yoga to enjoy this event.

The show took over a really large area of the convention centre, there were vendors that covered; clothing, jewelry, soaps, creams, food and of course yoga gear - but to be honest I was expecting vendors upon vendors selling mats, but I only noticed one.

The original plan was to do a class at the show, but I'm really glad we didn't. The classes were held right in the middle of the show, amongst the guest. It was a really loud atmosphere, and so I'm pretty glad we didn't bother to bring our mats, because there was no way I was going to be able to get zen in that setting.



My boyfriend called it hippy food, but yes, there were a lot of food geared towards veganism and general health. I was personally surprised how tasty the vegan mac and cheese was by Wellness Wagon.

There was jewelry in every other booth, a lot of beads, stones and crystals, but I was looking for something clean and simple, so I purchased a hamsa palm necklace from http://www.born-replica.com/. I just really like how simple and delicate their line was, and the twins who ran the booth were super sweet.

Have you tried young coconut before? It's the tastiest thing I've ever had, and it was only $5 at the show. First they just cut enough for you to drink, then you bring it back for them to split the coconut in half. The meat was a perfect texture, thick enough for you to hold like a taco, but delicate enough to bite. I've had plastic-like coconut before, so this was awesome.

Well, that's pretty much it. Aside from a few products that I'll be reviewing soon, it was a nice get together with my friends. Make sure you read my Kombucha review too!

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