2016 Race Season Goals

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Cranx in Syracuse, NY

Since early last year I've been working full time, I thought I had a good life and work balance, until recently when I realized that all I've been doing was working. I've been living through a depression for a long time without noticing, my eating habits and fitness have taken a huge hit, and only very recently have I've been making changes. You may have even noticed a shift in my posts towards healthier food. I've got a long way to dig, but I'm digging.

This year I plan to do a number of things:
1. Defend my #1 Provincial ranking for the 3rd time in a year.
2. Compete at Canada Cup #2 and most importantly #3 as it will be in Toronto this year.
3. Volunteer at Crankworx

Crankworx is a huge biking event that happens in Whistler B.C, and the main reason why I want to do this is to spread my wings.  I just feel so liberated when I can do things on my own, and so I think Crankworx would be a super awesome thing to look back on and a great story too.  I also want the experience of living like Trish Bromley; she's a true spirit... she travels and rides, and just goes with the flow. I know planning a trip like this isn't quite going with the flow, but doing something out of my comfort zone is a start.

I will have to miss a weekend or two of racing, but I should have enough to qualify for provincial finals. As for Canada Cup #2 and #3, this also is important to me because it means competing under the UCI, which is the highest ranked cycling organization that riders have to be in, in order to be in the Olympics.

Another big season ahead, and I'm looking forward to it.

2016 Race Season Schedule 

June 11 Provincial Race Niagara Falls, ON
June 19 Provincial Race Chatham, ON
June 25-26 Capital City Nationals Nepean, ON
July 2-3 Canada Cup Drummondville, QC
July 9-10 Canada Cup Toronto, ON
July 16 Provincial Race Milton, ON
July 17 Provincial Race Stouffville, ON
July 30 Provincial Race Ottawa
July 31 Provincial Race Nepean, ON
August 13-14 Provincial Race Saugeen Shores, ON
August 15-23 Travelling to Whistler, BC for Crankworx
September 10-11 Maple Leaf National Milton, ON
October 7-9 Canadian Grands Chilliwack, BC

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