TSG Dawn Full Cut Helmet Review

Monday, May 11, 2015
TSG's Dawn Full Cut Helmet

It's about damn time I did some sort of review that had something to do with my life in BMX!  It was a few days before my trip to Woodward East, and I really wanted a new helmet. Lately the retro full cut look has been really popular, and of course I wanted one too.  I spent days researching for the best full cut, I went through companies, countries and plenty of customer service reps to locate a full cut that was actually certified. There were a lot of uncertified helmets, but why would you buy a helmet that wasn't tested to protect your head!?

In the end, I knew I liked the look of TSG's Dawn, but it was nearly impossible to find -until I found a distributor from Alberta, who was also able to get it overnighted for me. Normally this would cost around $30.00 in store, but with it being overnighted from Alberta, it was nearly triple the price.

The Dawn comes in a lot of great colours, but obviously I wanted red to match my Yess BMX frame. Red, certified, non-existent in Ontario, and apparently discontinued, this is going to be one special helmet I thought.

The helmet was delivered just in time for my trip, it came in a big box and was relatively light for it's size. The helmet came with two sets of padding, in case you wanted it more snug. Ordering the helmet was a little scary, since their sizing goes like; s/m and m/l. I personally got the m/l, which turned out to be the perfect fit with no extra padding needed.

Glue Guns, they do everything!

Here's my only complaint about this helmet. That image above is a piece that presses against your ear, and when I got this helmet it was already coming off the plastic. Granted, the distributor did offer a swap, but I was already on my way to Pennsylvania and I really didn't want to deal with shipping it back. After about a month, it officially came off, and I was left with a piece of padding that not even super glue could keep it on. I had to resort to tape, but that was until I remembered how freaking awesome glue guns were.

If you can get your hands on it, it's perfect if you want a retro looking helmet that's certified. But keep in mind, this helmet isn't even 7 months old, and it was already falling apart on the first day I got it. The amount of padding and foam is quite thin, hard to believe that this passed any sort of certification.

Value 2/5
Style 4.5/5 (loses a .5 because it does look a little bulky on top for me)
Protection 5/5  (claims to be certified)
Comfort 5.5
Durability .5/5 (Falling apart on the first day!)
Features 4.5 (Comes with extra padding)


  1. Hi,

    Did your glue gun thing/method work at all?I literally have the EXACT (ear padding came off first day of use) same problem with my dawn helmet. I'm curious to know if it did work at all