NitWicks' Cracklin Birch Soap Review

Monday, May 25, 2015
NitWicks 8 Oil Soap

When I'm not working, I'm usually in the gym or on the track, sweating and getting dirty. So when I get home, having a shower is what I look forward to the most. With that said, I LOVE BATH PRODUCTS! -but not the mall stuff... but the homemade stuff, like this bar of soap from Palmetto, Florida. If it wasn't for one of the ladies from work bringing this back from her trip, I would have never been introduced to NitWicks 8 Oil Soap - so thank you!

Right off the bat the smell is strong, and well rounded. It's really hard to say what Cracklin Birch smells like, but the best description is woody.  The amazing smell is one thing, but how it left my skin feeling was another. NitWick's 8 Oil Soap ingredient list includes water, lye, coconut, palm, olive, avocado, sunflower, caston, grapeseed, jojoba and other fragrant oils -no wonder my skin feels so good afterwards! The smell stays on your skin too, but it's natural and welcoming.  I am absolutely a big fan of this bar of soap, and even better they ship to Canada!

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