Ancaster Strong Man/Women Competition 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hi there!

It’s been a long time since I’ve a done a vlog! I do actually have some riding footage to share in the future, but today’s vlog is about the 5 Star Strong Comp I did on May 9th in Ancaster. The competition had a total of 4 events; Incline press for reps (didn’t get footage of that), deadlift and front hold for max time, and lastly (my favourite) the carry and drag medley.

I didn’t do well on the first 3 events -it actually bummed me out. When it comes to benching, I only know how to flat bench, so having to do incline for the first time was rough. The hold for max time was rough too, my grip gave out near the end of the deadlift hold, and my shoulders just caved during the front hold for max time. Two hold events is way too much in my opinion. I understand you’re testing the grip, but one would have been enough. I would have much rather dead for reps.

The last event was the medley, which not only did I love, but also did the best at. The carry and drag medley is a true strong event, and I’m really glad I excelled at it. I ended up first in the medley and finished 2nd overall. It was a fun event, minus the rough start. I was really lucky to have my guy there to film and support me during the entire time. The contest I did last year left me sore right away... this one took a little longer but I'm definitely feeling it now :)

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