My Clarisonic Story

Monday, April 20, 2015
The Clarisonic Aria
I've been holding off this review for a really long time, I'm not too sure why - maybe it's because there are hundreds of positive reviews on Clarisonic. So to keep this interesting, I'm going to tell you my Clarisonic story.

6 years ago, right out of college I landed my first real job which I kept for nearly 4 years. With my first pay, I splurged and gifted myself the Clarisonic PLUS Cleansing System. I forget where I had purchased it, I think maybe it was directly from the website. When it arrived, it came with extra brushes, its own cleanser, a charging dock, and course the system. Holding it for the first time made me feel really special, exclusive, as if I just joined an elite group of Clarisonic owners. How did I hear about it you ask? Michelle Phan of course. Needless to say, I loved my Clarisonic PLUS. After years of blackhead build ups I was finally starting to see a difference by using this system. I ended up using the system up until it's death for about 5 years. The PLUS was great, we spent a lot of face time together, and although it was versatile in the sense that it could be used for both the face and body, our relationship was primarily for the face.

Near the end, I started to notice that the battery life had decreased, there was build up around the rim and behind the brush. It eventually just didn't work anymore and I went back to scrubbing my face with my hands. During this time I had quit my job, and started working part-time to focus on my racing season. During that year, I wouldn't say my skin changed drastically from not using it, but I did start to notice more build up on my nose again, and the black heads were reappearing. As much I wanted another one, I was just not in the position to spend hundreds on a luxury.

Me at Spark Sessions
By fall last year, racing season had ended and I became more interested in blogging about events and beauty. My wing girl was telling me about an event called Spark Sessions, where you could sharpen you skills as a blogger. It was also an event on it's own, with food, promoters and even give-aways.

So I decided to buy my ticket last minute, and I'm really glad I did ... because by the end of the 2nd day, I won 1 of the 4 Clarisonics! I was in disbelief, and also felt grateful because it was something that I really wanted but couldn't afford at the time. I went to Spark Sessions because I wanted to have fun, I also wanted to be able to dress up again, and to feel better - and by winning the Clarisonic Aria, just made me feel a little bit more whole again. It's a hard feeling to explain, but when you go from being a big spender, to barely scrapping by... it's just a really nice feeling when something goes your way for once.

I firmly held my Aria box on the way home from Spark Sessions, still in disbelief that I won something so expensive. When I got home, the box remained unopened for days, I didn't want to tarnish the moment by opening the box. I finally did open it, and I was really happy to see the significant upgrades from when I had the PLUS, 6 years ago. It 's significantly lighter, quieter and I especially liked how much smaller the charging dock is. I've been using the Aria for about 6 months now, and my skin is so much better - I even received some compliments the other day! Unlike the PLUS, I haven't seen any build up on the system, including behind the brush or on the rim. I love love love my Clarisonic, I use it everyday and that's my story.

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