Benefit's Gimmie Brow Review

Monday, April 13, 2015
Alberto - Quo - Benefit

I've mentioned this in the last post, I'm not a huge make-up person, in fact my make-up regime is really simple. The two things I frequently play up are my eyes and eyebrows, especially eyebrows because I like them thick and full, unlike their natural state.

In it's natural habitat, my eyebrows shoot in every direction, and without some pomade or gel, it can get pretty wild. During a Shoppers visit, I asked one of the beauty experts to suggest an eyebrow shadow and pomade combo, and she suggested Quo's Brow Focus in Brunette. I haven't used much of the shadow as you can see in the photo, unfortunately they picked out the wrong shade for me. On the plus side, the pomade is freaking awesome! I especially like that it's tinted, but also easy to apply, and does a great job at directing my hairs.  But, I'm running out! And there's no way I'm paying another $13.00 for a tiny plate of pomade, especially not when I'm using it daily. No sir, what I need is an industrial size thing of pomade! I didn't find such a thing at Shoppers, but I found something else that came just as close.

If you ladies and gents are looking for a cheaper wax/clay/pomade alternative, that's also a unitasker, I suggest you pick up a $6.00 tin of Alberto's Extreme Style mattClay. The packaging may not be flashy or hip with the kids, but it works and it's cheap! $13.00 for .4g of pomade by Quo, or $6.00 for an 86g tin of mattClay by Alberto, you can be the judge. Of course it's a little harder to use because of the texture, but just warm up a small piece between your finger, and you can then sculpt like any other pomade or clay. One concern I had was developing breakouts in that general area, but I haven't noticed anything yet. The mattClay adds a nice texture to the brows, and works really well with my other brow products, including Benefit's Gimmie Brow.

I use Gimmie Brow on top of the mattClay, and I think the combo works well together. The mattClay flattens and straightens my brows, but Gimmie Brow gives colour to the lighter hairs, and it doubles on directing too. Of course, Benefit does fall on the other side of the spending spectrum, at $28.00 for a 30g tube. In any normal situation, I would never buy something so expensive, but luckily I got this full size sample during Spark Sessions. On the other hand, I really like Gimmie Brow, and I think once the tube done, I might actually restock this. The price point is gnarly, but you can't argue with something that works for you.

Eyebrow compliments are not something I get often...or ever, but that's probably a good thing. When I do up my brows, the goal is to make them look full and natural, and in turn I look for products that can do that for me. Definitely avoiding the Christina Aguilera look circa Stripped album. I hope this review was useful, if you want me to hunt for another cheap alternative, let me know!

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