Skyn's Face Lift in a Bag Review

Thursday, December 04, 2014
The firming gels are free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, chemical sulfates phthalates, fragrance and dye

A few days ago I went to an Elle Magazine event, and at the end of the night they gave us gift bags with goodies from the sponsors. One of the things in it was the Skyn Iceland Face Lift in a Bag, I loved it so much that I had to feature it on here!

The bag is really cool, it's flat and compact so I can totally see myself throwing a bag in my luggage when I'm off to my next race. The Face Lift in a Bag includes 2 pairs of eye gels, 2 pairs of smile line gels and 2 forehead gels.

I was kinda unsure of how and where to placed these, but each of the little packages included photos on the pack with details on how to position each gel piece. As soon as you placed one on, you felt the cooling effect immediately. Removing them was super easy and unlike most firming gel products, these didn't leave any excess liquid or product on my face. It was as easy taking them off as they were to put on!

They retail for $20, it's a little expensive but when you think of how easy these are to put on and off without any sort of clean up, it's worth the money and the convenience.

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