Pure + Simple Essentials and Eye Mask Review

Thursday, November 27, 2014
I've always been super sensitive when it came to my face, man... grade 10-11 was the worst. I totally had pizza face, and it wasn't until I got a little bit older that my face started to clear up. I have this one memory in high school where I had a pea size pimple on my nose, and then the m*th*r f*ck*r started bleeding non stop (I may have picked it). I remember sitting in class with guys turning around, pointing at their nose and laughing... I was mortified.

Because of moments like that, I always try to buy the best products available, that would often mean going eco-friendly, organic and natural. Like I mentioned before, if I could go vegan and live the peaceful organic life, I would, but I can't... so the least I can do is make small manageable changes in my life, including introducing cool products like Pure+Simple to my face.

What I like about Pure + Simple is that they contain only 100% natural ingredients, even the kit I received was made of 100% recycled cardboard. The ladies who represented the company at Spark Sessions were super friendly, and they gave me kit with a little bit of everything to get me started.

So from top to counter clock wise, you have the Restoration Eye Mask. I'm a huge lover of eye products and I really like this one. I feel like maybe I should have popped these in the refrigerator first to really get most out of the product, but it felt cooling even at room temperature.
I haven't used the Cleansing Milk yet, so I can't really give you my thoughts, but I'll probably start pairing it off with my new Clarisonic soon.
The Hydration Serum is really cooling, very watery but it absorbed into my skin quickly.
The Skin Drink is my personal least favourite, it's a little too thick for my liking and leaves a greasy feel. It doesn't feel as a bad after awhile though.
To counter that, the Calming Cucumber Mask is possibly my most favourite among all of them. It feels like a puree of cucumber and aloe, it's super refreshing and cool!

So there you go ladies, if you have any other organic products for me to check out, leave the names in  the comment box below!

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