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Friday, November 28, 2014
Samantha (Gem Stone Beauty) admiring the decor
During the off season of racing, I'm usually at events like the one I went to recently by Persona and Elle Canada. Just another reason to look nice and socialize in a sophisticated enviroment. The event was on November 26th, and it was completely sold out at $35 per head. For me, the reasons why I go to events like these is because I like dressing up and feeling pretty - the gift bags aren't a bad reason either.  :)

Samantha getting fitted
So the idea of the event was to explore the sights and sounds of the Sahara, India and Asia through the Persona collection, along with their fashion and beauty presentations. Personally, I had a hard time hearing anything during the beauty and fashion presentations. There were a lot of people taking, especially while lining up to get their free Persona bracelet.

With that said, I thought the concept of the event was really cool. You started with a passport, with a couple of different stamps on it that needed to be signed. Each one that you filled got you a bracelet, a Canadian passport charm and a charm of your choosing from either the Sahara, India or Asia collection. Being able to choose a charm of your choice was the most exciting part of it all.

Luckily our group got there early enough to figure out how it worked, because by half way through the night there was a super long line just to get the bracelet.

The Asian inspired charm collection
Totally not trying to be biased, but the Asia collection was by far the prettiest of them all. There were so many cute charms to choose from, but I went with what was most significant to me, the Sakura branch charm.

I tried Saki for the first time and it wasn't bad!
Usually for events like these, I like to do a post on the event and then the food separately, but the food was gone so quickly that I wasn't able to take any photos! I was able to enjoy a few glasses of red wine though and even tried Saki for the first time! Oh, and I just have to mention that the guys serving wine were gorgeous.

The studio was well decorated with items representing each of the inspired areas. They even had chai tea in the India area, and there was a Henna tattoo artist on site too.


The classic barrel clasp bracelet with the Canadian passport and Asian inspired Sakura branch charm.
So this is the bracelet that I created at the end of the night, I had so much fun during this experience that I didn't even realized the value of the bracelet and charms. The total value of everything you see above is $150.00, wow! I'm not sure if I'll be adding more charms to this bracelet, maybe 1-2 more... but I kinda like how simple it is so far.

The Break Down
The Classic barrel clasp bracelet (H11382B1) is valued at $75.00
The Sakura Branch Charm (H13749P1) is valued at $40.00
The Canadian Passport Charm (H13793P1) is valued at $35.00

Our end of the night gift bag from the sponsors
It really was a fun interactive night, and the gift bag was truly the cherry on top. We all received cute little bags with products from the sponsors, so for a $35.00 ticket we sure brought a lot home.

Included in
- 3 Free Digital Issues ($3.75 approximately)
- 2 coupons to save 20% off Persona for myself and a friend
- Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Cabana ($20)
- Skyn's Facelift in a bag ($19.50)
- Their latest issue of Elle with Hillary Duff on the cover ($4.50)

So yeah, really great night...the only thing I noticed were a few unsophisticated guests who charged at the waiters when the food was being brought out. One lady I think got a little too tipsy and started yelling at her friend across the room with instructions on which charm to get. Oh well, there's at least another story to bring home too.

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