In Shower Body Milk by Nivea

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm a big lover of skin care products, and I partially give that credit to my mother. I remember when I was younger, every time I finish bathing or showering, she would be on me about putting lotion on. It was sometimes intense, because often enough I was pretty lazy. Now that I'm older (25), I don't need my mother yelling telling me to lotion up anymore, I obsessively do it on my own.

So this weekend I was at Sparksessions, and the best looking booth was hands down by Nivea. They had shelves up with their product line, along with samples of their In Shower Body Milk by Nivea. At first I thought it was just another lotion, but I was wrong, -kinda.

So as explained to me, it's a lotion meant to be used while showering. I thought, no way this works! I take crazy hot showers, my skin will totally be dry and chapped regardless if I use this. I took a sample anyways, because why not? I like to prove people wrong. Well, I proved myself wrong.

So as usual, I'm taking a super hot shower, and even after applying the product and rising it of, I stayed in there for about 5 minutes more. What I noticed after finishing and drying off was that I didn't have the need to lotion again, that dry feeling wasn't there. So lesson learned, try a product out, even when you think it's not going to work.

A few things that I noticed and learned.
  • The consistency of the product in the shower is still like lotion, it doesn't lather up and it can get quite slippery.
  • You can just use your hands to apply the product, I haven't used a loofah yet, but I was advised against it too.  
  • Has almond oil
  • Non sticky
  • You totally don't have to lotion after drying off

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