2014 Spark Sessions Edit

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Certainly not normal from my usual bike related vlogs, but with being in the off season of racing, there's not much for me to do in the realm of bikes. I went to a really fun event a while ago called Spark Sessions, a conference for bloggers to up their game in the business. I did a write up of each day and the links can be found below. The video features some of the moments I was able to capture from both of the two day weekend event.

Day 1: http://www.beatricetrang.com/2014/11/2014-spark-session-day-1.html
Day 2: http://www.beatricetrang.com/2014/11/2014-spark-sessions-day-2.html

www.beatricetrang.com / www.magnoliabmx.org

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  1. haha, I look so awkward in that first bit.
    Great shots though