2014 Spark Sessions Day 1

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hey everyone! So it's been a very long but eventful day today. Waking up at 5:30AM and commuting to Toronto for the 2nd Annual Spark Sessions. If you don't know what Spark Sessions is, check out their website - in short, it's Canada's Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference.
I've had Magnolia BMX for quite some time, and even though this blog is a little newer in comparison, I thought being as tenured as I am, there couldn't be much more to learn. However, I took a leap of faith and bought tickets anyways

I was surprised to leave the day with actually more knowledge on the legal issues of blogging, there were a lot of topics that applied to me, and I left the day with a lot more knowledge than I first arrived with.

The session started out with a handful of speakers from the industry, including Vanessa Craft - Beauty Director with Elle Canada. She was my favourite speaker of the day, it was just very passionate and it opened my eyes on how I was perceiving myself and my blogs. The panel afterwards was really good too. I somehow perfectly timed a video recording where one speaker was saying "poo" at least 20 times. I don't remember the context, but you will see the video later on - I promise.

The most educating seminar would have to go to Lena Almeida of ListenToLena.com, who was the speaker for The Business of Blogging. I took a lot away from that one, including the difference between giving honest feedback, and ripping a company apart.

Me with Lelo the makeup artist

Between the sessions and before they even started, we spent the time perusing with the vendors. There were a lot of great vendors on site, many that I actually had an interest in. I'm not a huge make-up person, but good brows and a nice cat's eye really makes my day.

With that being said, Benefit had a brow bar on site, where I had this lovely lady spruce up my brows for free. I picked up a few things, including the "They're Real! Push-Up Liner", which I'm excited to test out soon.

The representatives were really friendly and warm, I say this because I've had some pretty stuck-up experiences with other competing makeup lines.

Thankfully, there were a lot of breaks in between speakers, it aloud us time to stretch and visit the vendors again for more samples and food. Breakfast was good, lots of sweets though -which is kinda harsh in the morning, but the last time I ate was 5PM the night before, so as long as something was going into my stomach, I was happy.

Lunch was good for the most part, they served a spring salad with balsamic dressing, veggies on a skewer, chicken skewers with a curry spice and curry seasoned rice. Personally, I liked the salad and rice, but the chicken was dry - but to their benefit, I did choose the more charred of sticks. I thought the choice of food was good for my taste, but risky but the plain Janes out there. Did you guys like it?


I took away a good haul of stuff, so I think Christmas is pretty much covered or at least some future blog posts. There were a decent amount of vendors set up, including CrowdSource, Nivea, and Benefit. Here's what I was able to take away tonight.

Again, not a huge makeup person, but I am hugely into skin care, fragrances, nail polishes and eye liner - so this haul is quite a win for just the first day and before even receiving the gift bag.

But at last, I need to sleep. I'm exhausted but looking forward to taking more notes tomorrow, as Spark Sessions continues.

I apologize if the grammar or spelling is off, my eyes are really squinty right now. (Insert asian joke)

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