Being Passed Over for a Promotion

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

About a month ago, my manager had encouraged me to apply for a position that I was practically already doing. In fact, I'll quote her "You're doing about 75% of the job posting", I think she was pretty skim on the percentage but I'll take it. The job, and even the job ad, was designed with me in mind. Not only that, I was told what the rate would be and was advised that me going on my trip - which was planned 3 months ago, would slow down the process... I don't know about you, but sounds to me like I had the promotion already, I just had to apply for formalities.

So prior to my trip, I had 1 informal meeting about the job (it was that above), and 2 formal interviews. I come back from Florida, expecting good news, instead I was informed that I was going to have a 3rd interview. So, another week goes by, and I had my 3rd formal interview - although to be honest, it was more like a session for him to rant, and not so much an interview to know me better. Another 2 weeks go by, and I don't hear anything about being promoted. During this time, my team is supporting me, and cheering me on to get this promotion.  I'm working my butt off as per usual, and I start creating reasons in my head as to why it was taking so long, including things like, "maybe, I asked for too much money" and "maybe, they're trying to meet my wage expectations". So I politely waited.

Today (3.15.18), I went into my directors office to have a chat about things completely unrelated to everything you're reading above, and then almost out of the blue, she tells me someone else was chosen for the job I applied for. I appreciate that she acknowledged my disappointment, but this wasn't the time to let me down and then give me more false hope of being promoted. Shortly after telling me I didn't get the job, she says that I'm in mind for a trainer position... yeah, no thanks. You're probably like, but that's good news! It's not when you saw in the past someone else getting screwed for a made up trainer position. It was to me, just another dangling carrot that was unobtainable.

As soon as I was told I didn't get the job, my head went into Charlie Brown mode, where everything she said sounded like "Wah Wa Wah Wah". I held back my tears for a solid minute but then it came out. I ended the meeting and excused myself from the room. I tried working, but ended up leaving to go home an hour later.

Your relationship with your job, is a lot like having a relationship with a boy or girl. There are honeymoon periods, and periods where you look for a promotion or a step up from where you were before. In this situation, I'm asking myself if it's worth investing more time and effort. In terms of effort, do I suck this up and be professional? If I do, it means training the new person to do the job - that I'm literally doing right now. Wish I was joking, but during the informal meeting I was told if I didn't apply, I'd have to train them...

Finding out the bad news, was like going through a mini break up where things felt bleak. I literally felt disabled. Naturally, I like taking hold of the situation and actually doing something about it... but I just couldn't do anything but cry for the entire day. Thank god for my friends and for my guy.

Do I put more time into this job? I decided the answer was no.  I've spent a lot of time ensuring the company ran smoothly, even when it wasn't in my job title and even when it risked my own life.  As of writing this now and having this all happen to me today, I am now past the crying period and I'm now into the "do something" period... of course this was after going through a "break up" phase of drinking (1 can of Somersby) and eating a pint ice cream (Halo), going through all the phrases that one does when going through a break up... I mean, when they are passed over for a promotion.

So far, within the 11 hours of finding out the disappointing news, I'm happy to say I'm motivated to find my calling. I'm a little bit unsure of what to do, but so far I've contacted a director and vice president at other companies for advice, I've completed a handful of job applications, and I managed to consume some fish tacos. 

I hope this is just the hump in the novel where things do get better. As of late, the universe has been pulling me into the direction of being an entrepreneur. I'm still in the middle of reading Driven by Robert Herjavec and just the other day I went to a university to learn about the founder of Donut Monster in Hamilton. Reuben Vanderkwaak started out making donuts for his friends, and then became one of the most inspiring success stories there is.

It feels like everything is happening for a reason.

Powerdot Smart Muscle Stimulator

Monday, March 12, 2018

As an athlete, getting a massage is one of the things I look forward to the most, but the cost of getting one is increasing each year, booking an appointment with your favourite person isn't always the easiest, and tipping is the worst. If you were a paid professional athlete, access to a masseuse is easier, but you're not and neither am I. So what's the alternative? Have you heard of a NMES unit? Are you thinking Dr. Ho? close... but let me introduce you to PowerDot, and the reasons why I like it so much.

First, what is a NMES unit? It stands for NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation. NMES targets the muscle itself, creating muscle contractions to recruit more muscle fibers when training; warming up or recovering. Of course this is what I know, but for more information speak to a specialist.

PowerDot is controlled through your phone via Bluetooth, providing that you have something like an iphone that can support the app. I love that the pod is rechargeable through a USB cord, and the simple, easy to understand interface makes this an intuitive product to use.

I bought myself the Uno package ($249.00), which came with 1 pre-charged pod, 4 sets of electrode pads, 1 set of lead cables, 1 micro USB charging cable and a carrying case. The Duo package was an option, but if you don't mind working on one body part at a time, then save money by getting the Uno.

Using PowerDot is very simple. I start by turning the pod on, and connecting it to my phone. I'll choose a program, and then select the body part I want to work on. The app is fool proof! After choosing the body part I want to work on, the app will show me where to place the reusable sticky pads. Some adjustment is often required, but once I level up and see contractions, that means the placement is good. Most units will start engaging at level 1-4, with PowerDot you can safely build up - With fresh pads I typically have to be around level 15-20 for contractions to start. As the pads wear out, you may have to level higher.

The only downside to PowerDot is the reusable pads will eventually wear out, but this is a problem found across all NMES and TENS units. To their credit though, I've had the most usage out of their pads compared to any others I've tried out there. The lifespan of the pads will depend on how much oil there is on your skin as well, so do yourself a favour and give yourself a wipe down.

As a cyclist and powerlifter, I use Powerdot mostly to warm up my legs before a workout, and to cool down with a massage.  When I'm experiencing muscle pain (often along my sciatic nerve), I use PowerDot for a few minutes to ease and get rid of the pain - even though it's not officially intended for that, it does help.  It's helped me cut down the cost of massages and AAA batteries - not to mention the weird looks I get when I buy batteries. As someone who travels so much as well, the convenience of the durable carrying case makes it really easy to toss PowerDot in my luggage without having to worry about the wires getting knotted or lost. As mentioned before, speak to your doctor first, but my review here is based on personal experiences.

Check them out at and they've also provided me a discount code just for my readers. Take advantage of 25% off with BEATRICE25

What does feeling suicidal feel like?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
“If you are looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it.” – Unknown

It's been a while since I've done a personal post, the last one a year ago received some good feedback, it touched a lot of people, both positively and a few negatively. Today I want to talk about suicide and mental health, and unintentionally it also happens to be #BellLetsTalk day.

Mental health should be a topic that is discussed and shared openly and respectfully at any time, not just on one particular day. There's this negative stigma to the word "mental" and I think that's one of the reasons why it's hard to talk about. As kids (at least for my generation) we would say things like... "OMG, Terry was mental today" or "Alex was crazy", but really, Terry was very angry and Alex was just very stressed. Instead of feeling compassion, we criticise and shame.

In most cultures even ours here in North America, expressing emotion is seen as weak and so is asking for help. I told my cousin I was seeing a therapist, and his response was "That's stupid,  if you're sad, don't be sad". Great advice, but unfortunately the answer is just as complicated as the feeling itself.

“The person who completes suicide, dies once. Those left behind die a thousand deaths, trying to relive those terrible moments and understand … Why?” – Clark (2001)

I've struggled with suicidal thoughts during very dark periods of my life, and those thoughts even scared me. So what does it feel like? It's like a deep hole you can't get out of. A bad feeling, that won't go away. You're frozen and sometimes you can't speak. It is a magnified kind of sadness, and depression that can make life feel bleak. It's an awful feeling, I can't even find the right adjectives to describe it. It's almost like pain that won't stop, being tortured every single day. It's a feeling so bad, not being alive is the only sensible option.

It's a feeling I never want to experience ever again.  Today I'm in a better place - a place that I also never thought I'd reach during those awful lonely times. I don't want to say I'm stronger now, because I wasn't weak when I felt suicidal, but I am more self aware and more importantly I have support. Someone recently brought up a time when I felt suicidal to criticise me. Looking at myself, I didn't do anything wrong by feeling the way I felt. If anything, they're just really lucky for being naive.

“If someone listens, or stretches out a hand, or whispers a word of encouragement, or attempts to understand a lonely person, extraordinary things begin to happen. ” – Loretta Girzartis

You can't ask someone to understand something they've never experienced, but a quality friend has an open mind and some empathy. I am asking you to have some empathy if you hear about a friend or colleague who has gone through this. Richard isn't different from you, and Amanda isn't fucked in the head... they are going through something really bad right now, something you have not experienced and something they may not be able to express either.

The last thing I want to touch on is the guilt that I do have, and it comes from a place where I'm actually thankful for not going through with my thoughts. It's weird because you're feeling negative for something positive that stemmed from something negative.  I'm thankful for not taking action, but I feel guilty for what I would have put my loved ones through. In ways, I completely understand how selfish suicide is, and how destructive it can be to people around you, but if we're going through an episode where we're experiencing a lot of pain, the last thing we're thinking about is you.

If you are going through a difficult time in your life, please reach out to a friend or family member - have a go to person... or be that go to person. In a situation where you don't have someone immediately available and you need someone to talk to, there are many resources across Canada including the few below.

National Kids Help Phone for ages 5-20 years old: 1-800-668-6868
Help within your own province:

Quest's Protein in Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream

Thursday, December 07, 2017

I've been wanting to try this for the longest time, but for a while Popeye's carried only the tubs and I wasn't in the market to commit to something new. Lucky for me, they started selling this single packets and short story: I can see why Quest is so popular now.

This Salted Caramel protein powder from Quest is sooo good. I've had this same flavour through another brand and it was freaking (that's a hint) disgusting, this however is like drinking pure indulgence. First of all, the powder is super fine, and mixes easily. Taste wise, I am blown away! I honestly don't think I can tell the difference between this and a real salted caramel milk shake. It's savoury and perfectly sweet - but not too sweet.

It's hard to believe that a serving is only 100 calories. 40% of the Salted Caramel protein contains Micellar Casein, which is a slow absorbing protein good before bedtime, and 60% is Whey, which is quick and great for after your workout. No added sugar, gluten and soy free, this also packs a solid 22g of protein per serving.

I really didn't think anything could match Quest's Salted Caramel, but here comes Cookies & Cream! I've had some OK ones in my day, and some pooly made powders that reminded me of Magic Sand, but Quest does it right again. This is the perfect protein powder for the Cookies & Creams fan, it's not overly sweet and the added cookie bits gives it a texture that rivals a real cookie milkshake.  Make sure you wait for a few seconds before drinking so you can let the cookie bits float up 😃.

The numbers per serving are a little different, we're still getting 20g of protein, 50% of it is whey, 40% is casein and 10% is a milk protein isolate- still making it a protein powder great for after the gym and before bed.

Between the two flavours, aside from the delicious taste, what shocked me initially was seeing "Not a low calorie food" on the label. My first reaction was, "oh shit, did I buy a gainer shake? No wonder it tastes good"  but after reading the nutrition side, both servings are only 100 calories, which is less than most protein powders out there! The "Not a low calorie food" warning were for those who had a strict diet of 400 calories a day... which I could never do anyways.

There are still some Quest flavours I've yet to try, but as soon as my store carries them I'll do a review! These single packets were about $4.50 each, so why not pick one up and give it a try!

Why Bombshell Sportswear wasn't for me

Saturday, November 25, 2017

I'm sure you've seen these leggings before, super sexy, thigh high sock leggings. I saw them in action recently at my gym, couldn't help but look over a couple of times because of how hot they looked. So naturally I got myself a pair, and roughly $100 later (after shipping and the exchanged rate) I got them in the mail.

I bought myself a pair of large, High-Waist Thigh Highs in grey and black. I always buy high waisted leggings because I like support around my midsection, and large has always been the size that suited me best. The website described the leggings as amazingly soft, second skin fabric that moves with your body, and designed for workouts, yoga and everyday wear. Also, no muffin top. For me, they were only partially correct.

So I get the leggings in the mail, I open up the package and the first thing I did was cut the string tag - my first mistake. I held the leggings up and felt disappointment with how cheap they felt, I had a feeling that these weren't going to work out. Putting them on, I definitely didn't have a muffin top, but there was muffin... bottom? The waist band went perfectly around my waist, I also appreciated how high they pulled up, but because the grey part of the fabric is so thin, it didn't offer any kind of support around my midsection. I personally like tummy control with my leggings and these didn't offer that. To their credit, they also didn't say it was a feature.

They claimed that these were designed for working out, I guess that's true to a certain degree. As someone who squats and bends when working out, I wouldn't wear these at the gym. As you can see below, my underwear is popping through - and I'm not even bending. That said, I'm demoting these to upper body workout days, or when I'm wearing a long shirt or oversized hoodie. The last thing I want is to expose a camel.. you know, which was pretty easy with these.

If you don't like them, why don't you just return them? I can't - remember I cut the string tag? The description on the website said "All Bombshell Sportswear items must be returned unworn, unwashed, with original tags, stickers, folded .." etc etc. Maybe I'm just being difficult, but they should say "attached or uncut tags" because I technically still have all the tags and stickers around. Story short, I was denied a refund.

I truly wanted to like these leggings, but they were not designed for girls like me. I do feel like, you have to be pretty chiseled already to pull these off - or have lean abs. I'll give these another chance when I lose another 20-30 pounds, we'll see if I still feel the same then. In the mean time, in addition to having buyers remorse, I would have rather spent the equivalence on 5 pairs of Walmart leggings. Again, it just wasn't for me, but I hope it doesn't deter you from trying them out - just don't cut the tags and do some research first!

Birthday Cake Quest Bar

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

So...I turn 29 in a few days, not particularly excited about it, but at least I'll still be rocking my 20's for another year. I'm at this age now where any hereditary traits really become obvious, like greying and having to dye my hair every 2 weeks - thanks mom. I'm getting to the point now where I have to be extra careful with what I eat, and making sure my physical activity is consistent so I don't die of ugly. That said, substitutions have to be made, so thank god for Quest and their Birthday Cake Bar! Now I can cry for being old, not for the calories found in an actual birthday cake!

It was hard to resist picking up one of these bars, the new Birthday Cake bar was everywhere, and all of my favourite athletes were talking about it. This very sweet, funfetti bar, will definitely soothe your Birthday Cake urges. No seriously, you know those super sweet birthday cakes found at your local grocery store? This tastes just like it! Definitely pick one of these up if you're into it. Personally, I was already sold when I saw the funfetti, but I do really like the taste of this bar, and is a great treat without the typical treat calories! Brings back childhood memories without all the guilt.

Birthday Cake Ingredients
Protein Blend (Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate), Soluble Corn Fiber, Water, Erythritol, Almonds, Palm Kernel Oil, Natural Flavors, contains less than 2% of the following: Sodium Caseinate, Sea Salt, Gum Arabic, Spirulina extract (color), Red Cabbage extract (color), Turmeric extract (color), Radish extract (color), Sucralose, Sunflower Lecithin.

180 calories
Less than 1g of sugar
21g of protein
5g of fat
5g of carbs

I competed at the 2017 BMX World Championships

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I don't remember much from the week I spent in Rock Hill, SC ... but the UCI wrist band is still on my wrist, so I'm pretty sure I did compete at worlds.

Leading up to worlds, I was training my butt off (well actually, it was more like I was putting muscle on my butt), doing everything I could to be in my best personal shape for the event. I drove down to SC with an amazing family, it was a long drive but we managed to get there in one piece - which is pretty impressive considering the amount of abandon cars we saw along PA and VA.

A couple days in, we had a team meeting at the Wyndham, where we also picked up our jerseys and plates. With over 300 Canadian riders competing and family members watching, it felt like a graduation. I remember sweating like crazy in the heat as we were listening to the organizers run through the race format. It was a unique experience to be surrounded by such passionate people. After the meet, most of us went downtown to enjoy the food trucks and live entertainment. Downtown was packed with racers from all over the world, the core was shutdown just to celebrate worlds being in town.

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Practice day came around, I was nervous, unsure what the track would feel like. Well... the track was amazing, maybe the best track I've ever ridden. It was smooth, not overly technical and super fast. However, despite my positive first impressions, it quickly became over shadowed by others sharing their difficulties, and eventually my nervousness for the event itself overpowered by confidence. By the second day, I somehow morphed what I perceived as my perfect track, into a monster - super scary- on crack track. The second practice day was a let down too, considering I was able to get about 6-7 laps on the first day (most without gates), the second day I got one - completely understandable when you're only running gates for 300+ riders within 45 minutes.

Race day... wish I remembered more of it, but I do remember waking up at 4-5am, we had to be there for 6am if we wanted a final lap. It was Friday, and it was also the final day for challenge riders. Half awake, I remember being driven to the track, the mood in the van was calm, and quiet, maybe from being tired but probably because we were mentally preparing for this massive race. Waiting by the gates that would lead us into the team tents, I had a bike in one hand and luggage in the other. I see familiar faces, and I see people I've yet to meet, riders from all over the world, waiting to get in. Finally the gates open, the sky is still dark, we make our way through security, where my bike and my wrist were scanned upon entering. I make way to the Canadian tent, it's quiet, but there's a buzz of excitement slowly building.

We were given one final lap before the start of the race. Trust me, if I could do more I would, but they marked our plates so that we'd only get one. Remember how I was freaking out earlier? That all went away, I quickly realized that this track wasn't as scary as I made it out to be.

Afterwards, I took a moment to take everything in, at this point I wasn't too nervous, I guess still in disbelief that I was here. I remember looking at the sunrise coming over the white tents that were sheltering the racers, and being thankful for how cool it was, after dealing a week worth of  30-40 degree temperatures.

Being a challenge rider was a very surreal experience, we had volunteers... aka babysitters in the most positive terms who check in with us, ensuring we knew the format, and giving us water when needed - actually my most "cool moment" memory was when I was given water just before going up to the gate - it made me feel like a pro. I do want to sincerely thank the volunteers, who flew in just to help us. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to perform and function at our best. The volunteers did more than babysit and water us, they were there to support us physically and emotionally.

I think I was moto 60, and it was time for me to go into pre-staging. I had gate 8 and then gate 1 - our race was cut short, but it should have been 3 qualifying races instead of 2. I spent a lot of my time in gate 8 during practice, so that worked out well. I remember walking up, I was calm, but my body was nervous, almost stiff. All I wanted was to not be last, and I did just that lol. My body put enough in to accomplished that for both qualifying races, but it wasn't enough to get into semis. I do feel that I could have qualified though, I wasn't too far from it, and I know I could have done much better if the "stage fright" didn't get to me. That said, I was still really happy, it felt really special to cross the line and be cheered by fellow Canadians. Although my day was done and cut early, I stuck around to support our other riders who were still in the game. I felt accomplished.

A big part of the whole experience was also trading jerseys. I had my eyes set on a French jersey for a while, I wanted that cock so bad. I found a French rider who wanted an American jersey, so my mission was to find an American who wanted a Canadian jersey, so that I could trade the American jersey for a French one. It took some hunting, but I got it done.

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For being up since 4am, my energy levels were still high. I spent some time in the expo area, meeting people from the industry and elite riders too. I spent the remainder of the day in the Canadian section of the stands, we were super loud and filled with pride for our riders. It still feels like the week didn't happen, but I'm still wearing my UCI bracelet, so it did happen... I'm pretty sure!

My First Time Giving Blood

Tuesday, August 08, 2017
When I was twenty one, I found out I was internally bleeding from a tumor. It was the scariest two weeks of my life because I didn't know what was going on, and I was stuck in a hospital being tested day and night. Prior to those two weeks, I had lost a lot of blood during a long span of time (not knowingly). Long story short, I had my first blood transfusion - and let me just say, it's pretty weird to see blood go into you! I felt immediately better, and ever since that day I made myself a promise to give back.

There's something about giving blood that I find really significant, I mean, you are literally giving a part of you to a total stranger. The nursing team at my local Canadian Blood Services were so warm, and made me feel so comfortable for my first time giving blood. Here's some insight on what my experience was like:

There's a couple of things you can do for your first time, you can either pre-book your time online or do a walk in. With either one, set about thirty to forty-five minutes aside, the blood donation part is quick, about ten minutes, however there is a bit of a pre-screening process. Donating blood was interesting, I definitely felt a little "drained" as soon as the blood was flowing out of me.

My nurse tilted the comfy chair back to assist with the flow of blood, at that point it's gravity doing all the work. I didn't realise how important it was to drink lots of water 48 hours before donating, so my flow was a little slow - but not horrible. To assist with the flow, they gave me a stress ball to squeeze and for about ten minutes, you're just relaxing!

Ten minutes later I had a pint filled, I was a little flushed, but other than that I was ready to get up in minutes. The wonderful ladies in the refreshment area brought over juice and snacks, simple sugars to help jump start the replenishing, and they also gave me a pin for my first time donating.

Later that day, I did find myself tired, despite re-hydrating and eating as much as I could. It's not recommend that you lift or do anything vigorous after donating blood, so I just ended up napping that day, and followed up with some cardio the next day at the Milton Velodrome.

A day after donating, you pretty much have your fluids back, but it does take about two months to fully regain your red blood cells. I did make an effort to take in more iron,  which I think played a big part of my recovery, but my strength training did take a hit for a few weeks. As an athlete, I suggest donating after or two to two and half months before a physical event - just to ensure you're still in peak condition for your contest or race.

The whole process was easy, and the finger prick which happens during the screening was the only "difficult" part - and it really was not that bad. Other than that, unless you have a competition coming up in the next two months, then there's really no reason to not donate blood - I for one was quite lucky, coincidently I donated with enough time to be in top condition for Worlds (post to come).

Forty-five minutes of your time, could mean saving three lives. I'm really glad that I gave blood, and I felt even better when I was sent email updates of where my blood was going, especially when I was given the update that it went into someone!

If you have a question about the process or how it impacted me as an athlete, leave them in the comments below and check out 

My experience at Worlds in Rock Hill, SC coming soon.

My Experience on the Dolce Diet

Friday, April 07, 2017
Left Dec 2016, Right March 2017
I've been overweight pretty much my entire life, I think the last time I was 150lbs was when I was in grade 6, and the other time I was 150lbs was when I was internally bleeding from a tumour and.. well basically dying. I've never been called obese by friends, I'm not sure if it's because people were trying to be nice, but I've definitely been called things like, big, jacked, thick, voluptuous and strong. I'm 5'6", I like competitive sports, lifting, but food has always been a struggle.

Before the Dolce Diet, I was averaging 0-1 half-ass sessions at the gym per week, I was eating maybe once-twice a day, going 8 hours without food sometimes... all the time. I just didn't care to eat, I think some of it was because I was lazy, but I think it was also because I thought skipping meals, meant less calories therefore lose weight... well I never said I was good at math.

I was unknowingly depressed and stressed, that coupled with not eating, well no wonder I was too tired to go to the gym. By December of 2016 I was a jacked 225lbs, on a 5'6 frame. At this point, my work was stressing me out, my relationship was ..., and I couldn't separate myself from the stress to take care of myself, and so by early January I mentally hit rock bottom.

Not so random fun fact, I love Ronda Rousey. When she lost her comeback fight late last year, a little piece of me died inside. She looked fantastic, probably the best she's ever looked for a fight, I read somewhere that she was way more strict on her diet this time around, and it showed. Ronda's been with Mike Dolce for a long time, he's a nutritional expert, former mma fighter, and none of his fighters has ever missed weight. How Ronda looked during weigh ins, was the first push for me to check out the Dolce Diet.

The 2nd push was following him on instagram @thedolcediet. At this point I still wasn't sure if I wanted to spend money on a meal plan, but after watching a few live feeds, my trust started to develop and eventually I invested in myself by purchasing the 12 week program.

The program is tailored to you, your goals, and your fitness activity level. You choose when you want to start, so don't feel like you have to go ham right at the second you purchase. Not only does it include a meal plan, but it includes a workout plan - which I didn't use but still got results. The meals are simple to follow, not at all restrictive and easy to track. For me, the hurdle was actually eating breakfast and lunch, something I didn't do at all for the longest time.

After a week on the diet, I noticed my energy levels were significantly improving, and day by day my weight was dropping. By the way, for the first month and a bit, I wasn't even in the gym... The most exercise I had was at the track, for an hour a week. It's not like I didn't want to workout, but I was going through a breakup, so the most I could do at the time was focus on what I was eating.

When you're first introduced to the plan, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the layout, but the first thing I would suggest doing is going through each meal for the week and write down what you need to buy. I made the mistake of buying everything on the grocery list at once and racked a $150 grocery bill, but to be fair I did eventually used everything. The ingredients are easy to find, and the meals are super easy and quick to make. Still do yourself a favour, and make your meals ahead of time, and develop the habit of preparing your meals.

More energy for adventures.

The plan taught me to be responsible with my food, to stick to the plan, and more importantly not to freak out if I had a bad eating weekend. During the 12 week plan, I had a few weekend trips that lead me to places like the cheese cake factory. Was I heavier after those weekends? Yup. Old me would have gotten sad and ate more crap, new me realized that this was salt, and if I just went back to my Dolce plan, the weight would drop again. The lesson here is to stick with it, even when you fuck up.

By late February, I had lost around 20lbs and by March when I reintroduced lifting into my regime I lost even more. I was feeling great, and I still feel great while typing this. Right now I weigh 192lbs and I have no plans to stop losing weight. Do I want to be 150lbs? No, well maybe, I don't have a fix number right now, but I want to be smaller for sure, and be in the best maintainable shape possible.

The Dolce Diet has taught me to be smarter with my food choices, and to recognize what works and doesn't work for my body. By mid March, I stopped checking the site for my meals, because I learned for myself. I even had some cheat meals that had no impact on my weight loss. You know that person who eats bad all the time, and thinks one salad is going to magically make them skinnier? Well that's happening to me in reverse, I eat so well now that fries or cake, does very little to set me back.

Have a question during your program? Customer service is just an email away. You also have an entire community to reach out to for support, and even a leader board for those of you who thrive under competition. Yeah, that's right bitches I'm #1.

The plan fucking works, I am a real person who has lost over 30lbs on this plan, and if that's still not enough push for you to invest in yourself, then do the research, check his instagram or youtube, and learn more about Dolce - he's rad. If you have any other questions about the plan, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer your questions. Good luck.